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  • Category:Controllers
  • Code:BMT-CUU
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EDC controller is imported from Germany and widely used for testing machine with high configuration or requirements. EDC220 is a builtin unit without keys and display and has been designed for static and dynamic testing instruments. It features as stable control, high accurate measuring and high sampling rate (1 kHz - 5 kHz) etc. Also, it can self-identify & self-calibration functions. Up to now, it is the most reliable to be used extensively for static and dynamic testing machines.

All measuring channels for a basic testing instrument, as well as an output channel to control an actuator, are on-board. The EDC220V has two 12-Bus-Extension-Slots for e.g. extensometers. The onboard load channel of the EDC220V has a resolution of +/- 180.000 steps.

  • The EDC220 has a load channel with a resolution of +/- 180.000 steps and an incremental position channel with a controlled +/-10 Volt output for power amplifiers.
  • Further load cells, LVDTs, strain gauges, extensometers, 2-channel-incremental-extensometers, serial controlled extensometers, safety shields, further I/Os, synchrozing several EDCs in a multi-channel application.
  • Digital control; Closed Loop Control.
  • Connection with RS 232 and Ethernet.
  • Interface to PC, Printer.
  • Display of outputs (Stand-Alone).
  • Detection of load, position, strain etc.
  • Test control (Stand-Alone).
  • Data acquisition (Stand-Alone).
  • Test analysis (Stand-Alone).
  • Data-logging (Stand-Alone).