Sematron Universal Testing Software


Product Details

  • Category:Controllers
  • Code:BCO-113/7
  • Standards:

LCD graphics data acquisition and controls system SEMATRON is designed to control the machine and processing data from load cells or pressure transducers installed on the compression machine frame. Easy to read LCD graphics display and touch-button data pad keys make the unit quick and straight forward to operate. All interactions with the measuring system are via the front control panel by using simple menu-driven procedures. The SEMATRON is contained in light alloy housing and it’s design satisfi es the ergonomic requirements for various use. The SEMATRON digital allows real time load us time graph. At the end of the test cycle, the results can be stored in the large memory or downloaded to a PC in SEMATRON software format. Dedicated software package is available for further online data processing data base management and certifi cate printing.

  • 32Bit-Program
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Customized and fi eld-proven applications
  • All protocols and printouts freely defi nable
  • “Free Programming Module” for individual tests
  • Compatible to each EDC system from DOLI
  • Export into ASCII or EXCEL files
  • Almost all applications possible in the testing lab
  • Use as production testing system in online mode, also integrated graphics
  • Integration of several additional channels possible
  • Direct connection of thickness gauges, calipers and other measurement instruments via RS232
  • Fast and reasonable testing
  • Connection types are Ethernet and RS-232