4 Colums Type Concrete Press Frame

Test Frames

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  • Standards:ISO 7500-1 class 1, EN 12390-4, ASTM C39

A compression test determines behavior of materials under crushing loads. The specimen is compressed and deformation at various loads is recorded. There are two types of frame in available as 4- Columns type or Wall type.

  • Accuracy is according to ISO 7500-1 class 1, EN 12390-4, ASTM C39.
  • Suitable for testing 150x150x150 , 200x200x200 mm cube and 150x300 mm cylinder concrete samples.
  • It has rigit load frame in 4-column construction. The columns are screwed free from play to the machine’s foot and head.
  • Machine’s foot and head are cut from the solid, all bearing surfaces are mechanically machined.
  • Compact frame, formed by upper and lower platens. Platens machined on all sides, hardened and on both sides face grinded.
  • Upper platen spherically seated to allow an inclination up to 3° for homogenous loading.
  • Lower platen marked to allow centring of both cubes and cylinders.
  • Test cylinder has single acting feature, cut from the solid (no screwed in buttom).
  • Distance plates for diff erent size samples (10mm, 20mm, 50mm,80mm)
  • Piston is hardened and micro finished.
  • Piston stroke limitation by endswitches.
  • Piston protection made of sheet steel – against dirt.
  • Security door ( fixed in rear of the frame and openable/closable in front ). Depending on electrical safety switch, the test machine just works if the door is closed