Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Materials Testing Systems

Product Details

  • Category: Materials Testing Systems
  • Code:BMT-450P/750P
  • Standards:ASTM E23, EN 10045-2, ISO 148, GOST 9454-78

BMT-450P/750P Series Pendulum Impact Material Testing Machines are strictly designed according to international standard ISO148-1983 It is mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load. It is especially suitable for laboratory,metallurgy industry,machinery production,steel plant and other fields.

U type hammer,450J/U type hammer, 750J.

Adopting lower noise electric brake,it leads lower noise&non-vibration when pendulum&clutch combine together during test.

One-body cast frame design of seat and column provides high stability and rigidity.

Machine is avaible in two types,computer controlled or LCD controlled can be preferred.