Testing Software (Test and Motion)


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Through DOLI test software Test&Motion, tests can be performed by computer. The software is Universal and there are a lot of test standards in it. These standards exist as modules. If requested, the special standard is activated by opening the related module. In General Tensile/Compression Test Module; instant data of tests, graphs, test results of tests can be observed, the results and graphs can be saved in computing environment and output can be taken.

The software company can be customized and intended results can be showed on output screen. Cross-head movement can be done with one button easily through computer software and when the cross-head test is finished, with the speed that we can determined from test settings (maximum 600 mm/min), it can return its first position.

Test and machine settings can be done easily through the software. Besides, the software supports minimum 9 languages and online support is provided 7/24 by our firm with remote help.

The aim of Test&Motion Program is making your machine apply the tests that you want with the parameters that you can determine from its interface.